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How do we arrive at JGU Campus?

IAGI offers advice and assistance to international and residential students, regarding all international collaborations and study abroad related queries. You can get help with preparing for university life, immigration and other Indian regulations, opening a bank account and any further support to help you adapt to life in JGU. You can ask questions or discuss any worries you may have, or find out about the opportunities on campus. Stay in touch with Office of International Affairs and Global Initiatives (IAGI) on email: Students come from various places to JGU, you’ll meet students from various part of the India and the world here. Free transport to JGU campus is provided to all new international students. On arrival, students should report to the Office of International Affairs and Global Initiatives located at Ground Floor T1 on JGU campus.  After that Check-in to the Student Residence for accommodation. 

Do we require a health insurance while coming to India?

We strongly recommend the international students to take a health insurance that covers him/her while in India also. Yellow Fever certificate is required for African nationals.
Both health and travel insurance are essential, as are vaccinations for conditions such as hepatitis A, malaria and typhoid. Make sure you get these from your doctor at least six weeks before you leave to ensure you are protected. Further JGU provides an optional medical insurance policy to all its exchange and study abroad programme students, which can be availed by paying an approximate premium of INR 12,500/- that provides the coverage of INR 1,00,000/. This medical insurance takes care of expenditure for hospitalisation in India. The expenses covered under the policy are for room, boarding expenses, nursing expenses and fee of attending surgeon, anesthetist, medical practitioner, consultant, specialist and Anesthesia, Blood, Oxygen, Operation theater charges, cost of surgical appliances, Medicines and Drugs, Diagnostic Materials and X-Ray, Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy cost of Pacemaker, Artificial Limbs and cost of Organs and similar expenses.  However, it does not cover ambulatory, stationary and dental services.

What is Foreign Resident Registration Process?

Those coming to India on a student visa and other foreigner are required to Register with the police department within 2 weeks of arrival (Foreign Regional Registration Office) JGU’s FRRO Office will facilitate the process. Please visit JGU International office for the registration process. Registration of foreigners is mandatory in India. 

Timelines for FRRO Procedures (to inform International Office by email):

  • Registration – Same day of arrival.
  • Visa extension and registration extension – Two months before the expiry date.
  • Change of Passport – Two months.
  • Temporary exit – 10 working days.
  • Registration of return after temporary exit – one day.
  • Final Exit – one month.
Do we have Banking facility on Campus?

Banks offer different benefits and services to international students so it is advisable to check your option before making a choice. Most students open an NRO account which provides a visa debit card, which can be used to make a payment in shops and online as well as take money from cash points (ATMS) up to a daily maximum limit and is usually combined with an online banking service.
IAGI Office advises students to visit ICICI bank in JGU Campus to discuss regarding opening a bank account. The process to open an account takes approximately one hour and will be activated after three days. You will subsequently receive the bank card within a week with a PIN for the card sent separately. 

Does university provide accommodation facility?

The new residence provides accommodation for 2800 students, with generous en-suite bedrooms, common kitchens on every Floor and Common room. The building has been reconfigured, refreshed and re-equipped with state of art teaching and IT facilities to ensure they meet your learning and professional development needs. To help you with your work of all of your study bedrooms have free access to the web, and all campus is Wi- fi enabled. The accommodation is arranged in the housing to accommodate between 2, 3, 4 people. It has shared facilities including the bathroom (toilets, wash basins, shower and/or baths).
The University provides gender-based residential accommodation for its students in its Halls of Residence with a comfortable, modern, self-contained living environment. Student housing (bedrooms, common rooms etc.) are centrally air conditioned.

What are the dining facilities available on campus?

JGU has three dining halls for students where breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner are served on all days, including on weekends. Vegetarian meals (including egg and dairy) are served at certain meals in the dining halls. For catering food, the university has employed the services of Sodexo, a French multi-national concern, and one of the largest food services and facilities management companies in the world. Non-vegetarian food and fast food is available on payment in other outlets on the campus food court – Biswamil Bistro has popular outlets like Subways, Chicago Pizza, 34 Chowringee lane and Moti Mahal. It remains open from 12 noon to midnight, Café Coffee Day, Juice & More, Nestle Coffee shop and Amul ice cream parlour. Vending Machine dispensing cold drinks, chips etc. are installed in hostels. 

What are the laundry facilities available on campus?

JGU has employed Washex Hospitality Solutions, as the sole and integrated laundry service provider in the campus. Laundry services on the campus include washing, drying and ironing, and dry cleaning (on request). Students, faculty and staff may utilise these centralised services. The facility is well-equipped and is manned by skilled employees. It is situated in the basement of the SH1 block of the University Halls of Residence. Each student shall be entitled to the laundry of a maximum one hundred garments per month. One day is reserved for bed linen and towels only. The Laundry will be closed for one day in a week. One laundering cycle shall be completed in 48 hours. All items are clearly marked /coded for identification.
Each student needs to buy 2 laundry bags for clothes @ Rs.50/-per bag, which should be duly marked with identification details in permanent ink. The dry-cleaning facility is available at the laundry on concessional rates.

Are there any healthcare facilities available on campus?

The University has a 24-hour Health Centre for faculty, staff, students and workers who need medical attention for diagnosis and treatment. It is equipped with the latest equipment, viz. Defibrillator, ECG machine, oxygen support system, nebulisers, suction machine, Autoclave, etc. Besides regular diagnosis and treatment students are educated on healthy dietary habits and lifestyle improvements through one to one interaction and periodic e-communication with an aim to prevent immediate illness and several diseases at later stages in life. A full-time Resident Medical Officer and nurses are available 24x7 on campus. Medicines are available on campus as per doctor’s prescription. In addition, A stretcher, wheelchair an ambulance facility and on campus pharmacy is also available on a 24/7 basis.

What are the other facilities that I must be aware of?

Convenience Store
The campus has a convenience store close to the student’s hostels where items of daily needs, snacks and books are available. 
Fitness Centre
The university has a full- fledged gymnasium with a modern equipment. Other activities include aerobics, pilates and yoga. Interested students can avail the facility free of cost.
Printing and Reprography Facility
Subject to copyright regulations, Library material can be photocopied on payment basis.  The Library offers black & white and colour photocopying and printing up to A-3 size. A pre-paid printing account can be purchased with as little as rupees 200.
JGU has a wide range of sports and fitness facilities. Under the supervision of qualified coaches, students undertake regular practice sessions in order to fulfil their aspirations of wearing the university colours. The 100-acre lush green JGU campus houses several sports and fitness facilities including a cricket ground, a football field, tennis courts, a basketball court, badminton courts, and a volleyball court. In addition, the campus also has numerous indoor sports and games facilities such as Badminton, Table Tennis

Can you please provide us assistance on Visa Process?

Please check the following websites for information. A list of Indian embassy is available at

The visa application for travelling to other countries from India requirement varies depending on the embassy where you apply for the Visa. Check the website of the relevant embassies for a specific requirement. Most Application will require you to submit your passport, recent photograph(s). You’re Indian Visa, evidence of funds, letter from your university confirming your student’s status, evidence of travel insurance, travel plan, application fee. Please note that many countries will require you to have three to six month remaining on your Student visa

If you are Applying for students Visa

Please check out this link:

India requires visas for the nationals of most countries, with the exceptions of Bhutan, Maldives, and Nepal. Though there are no India visa insurance requirements, although purchasing insurance is strongly recommended by JGU. International students studying in India receive a multiple-entry visa for the period of study. Students admitted studying in an Indian institution need to provide a letter from their host institution to secure a student visa. For students not yet accepted to a school in India, a three-month provisional visa is available. In this case, a letter from the host institution confirming that the student has applied is necessary to obtain a provisional visa. It is important to note that Indian visas must be obtained prior to arrival in the country. Airlines will not let you check in without displaying one.